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Bed & Bath Decorating IdeasIf you have a master bedroom attached to a master bathroom, you are probably looking for Bed & Bath decorating ideas that can help coordinate both rooms. The easiest way to do this is to match the colors of the linens. For instance, if your bedsheets are red and your walls are brown, then you might also want to have red and brown towels, soap dishes, and other accents in your bathroom.

Different patterns can also play a part in the overall look of a Bed & Bath decorating ideas scheme. For instance, if your bedroom has wallpaper that has stripes, then you may want to continue this motif onwards on all of the walls of the master bedroom. You could also be more subtle and simply even have striped curtains picking up the theme of the bedroom.

Another way to deal with a pattern is to have stripes or polka dots or whatever model suits you and have them be one color in the bathroom and another in the bedroom. For instance, you could have pink polka dots on the coverlet and curtains in the bedroom, but the towels, bath mat, and shower curtain in the bathroom could have blue polka dots. Just remember that when it comes to decorating your Bed & Bath, items do not have to be all of the same colors for you to be able to “riff” on a decorating theme.



Bed & Bathrooms can also be coordinated in terms of what materials you use to build or decorate them with. For instance, if your bedroom consists of a massive wooden mission fixture, then a wooden countertop and wooden toilet seat might look good in your bathroom. Instead of tiles, stones or pebbled tiles also might look better in the bathroom. The great thing about wooden furniture in the Bed & Bath is that it suits just about every type of flooring and wall covering, including plush carpets, tiles, stone, wood, brick, and plaster. However, wood-accented Bed & Bathrooms can be harder to take care of, especially in the bathroom where wooden objects tend to warp.

Another way to decorate your Bed & Bath is era or style. For instance, a retro seventies style bedroom could contain a round bed and also boast a red and orange color scheme. The bathroom could also have a red and orange color scheme as well as modular shaped bathroom accessories to suggest the seventies. Bright plastic accessories such as lamps, garbage pails, and soap dishes could help unify the look of both rooms so that they appear authentic.

When decorating your Bed & Bath, remember that both rooms do not have to match to signify a coordinated effort. It only takes a few similar design accents to give both places a pleasant unity.

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