architectural styles timeline

The building materials that you choose to renovate or build a home can significantly affect the outcome of your interior design. For instance, there is no sense in using a pressed particle board that imitates plywood in a dining room that you would like to look like it’s from the Spanish Colonial era. However, fake plywood made out of compressed plywood would look just right in a dining room that is meant to imitate the age of the seventies.

architectural styles timeline

Here is a brief guide to the building materials that best suit different styles and eras:

An early Roman look – This style suits water gardens and outdoor patios. The Building Materials should be composed of stone or concrete, and the furniture should be of dense wood with brass fittings or made of rattan.

Spanish Colonial – White plaster, concrete, dark precious woods, wrought iron, colorful and red ceramics are the Building Materials of choice to make this fashionable and stylish look authentic.

Mission Look – Deep dark woods, plaster, and wrought iron best suit this simple but heavy-looking style of interior decor.

Forties Retro – Light-colored woods such as teak and maple, textured wallpaper, plaster ceilings and ceramic tiles are building materials that best suit this era. Elaborate aluminum constructions and thick frosted glass are also characteristic of this era.

Fifties Retro – Silver metals, aluminum, vinyl, hard plastics, square tiles and textured walls are the building materials associated with this era that is famous for its space-age materials and designs.

Sixties Retro – Plush carpets, plastic, and vinyl are building materials that are very associated with the sixties. Brightly colored wallpapers and materials such as glossy Mac Tack can also help you recreate an authentic sixties retro look.

Vanities Retro – Suitable Building Materials to accomplish the seventies retro look include compressed particle board, veneers, plush carpets silver metal, wrought iron and Astroturf.

Eighties Retro – The eighties retro look is well suited to fake veneers that look like marble or granite, real granite or marble, vibrant looking dark-colored leather, brass, or plastic brass fittings and smooth carpeting.

Victorian – The Building Materials that best suit this elegant and dignified style is beautiful dark woods such as cherry and mahogany, red brick, wallpaper, brass, stone (for stone hearths) and ceramic and glass (for light fixtures).

If you are stuck as to what Building Materials should be used to recreate a particular era or style of decor, there are plenty of good books available in libraries, bookstores and on the Internet about the history of fashion, style and architect in mumbai that can help guide you when it comes to choosing your Building Materials.

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