Creating Atmosphere With Classic Rustic Decor Furniture

As it has a rough-hewn, comfortable look, rustic furniture can be used to tone down a room that looks too cold or urban to live in. However, before you start decorating with wood slab coffee tables and chairs made out of logs, keep in mind that this type of atmosphere is not for everybody. The rustic look does suit the cottage, country home, or rural house best.

Whether or not the classic rustic decor furniture will look good in your home or not depends on a lot of factors. For instance, rustic furniture does not look great with drywall or walls painted grey, blue or white.

It looks much better with stone or wood walls or even wallpaper. Rustic furniture also suits warm earthy colors best, such as cream, red, green, or brown.

Another thing that does not suit rustic furniture is linoleum flooring. This type of furniture looks best on a shaggy rug, a stone floor, or on ceramic tiling. Rustic furniture can look particularly ugly on a cement floor, so they are not great for a basement.


When it comes to wood floors, however, there is such a thing as overkill. Matching your pine floors to your pine coffee table and pine chairs can be a bit much.

If you are in this situation, placing a beautiful big patterned rug with an indigenous or floral pattern in the room can go a long way towards remedying the problem.

If you are going to decorate in the rustic style and your place has a very urban flair, then you might want to consider just doing one small room first. An excellent choice would be a wet room or your front hallway.

To make it look rustic, all you would have to do is add a roughly hewn antique table or dresser or an old fashioned bench. Some benches even come with overhead beams on which people can hang their coats, hats, and missions.

Another good small room to start with when it comes to decorating with rustic furniture is the bathroom. It is easy to give a bathroom that rustic touch. All you need to do is replace the toilet seat, toilet paper holder, garbage pails and other items with wooden versions. Wooden shutters attached to the window can also give the room a rustic touch.

If you are confident that your smaller rooms look good decorated in the rustic furniture style, then you can move onto larger rooms and larger items such as massive unfinished mission style dining room tables, benches instead of dining room chairs and coffee tables carved from single slabs of wood.

You also shouldn’t forget the smaller details that can create a rustic look such as gingham and floral fabric motifs, framed samples of embroidery, and knick-knacks that symbolize the farm or the old Wild West.

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