bathroom designs for elderly and handicapped

Only the elderly and disabled can fully understand the need for bathroom fixtures designed to assist them in dealing with the most basic of human needs.

If you or someone you love is disabled or elderly, you will want to make sure that the bathroom designs for yourself or your loved one is set up in a manner that offers the most excellent possible assistance. The good news is that many devices on the market will accomplish just that.

When renovating your bathroom, you need to consider the importance of allowing enough space in which to maneuver your wheelchair or walker. You will need to keep in mind the special needs being represented in every phase of your bathroom renovations.

Your primary concern should be allowing the necessary space to properly maneuver as well as the need to ensure your safety from slips and falls. There are many different varieties of wall-mounted fixtures, which can be critical in maintaining some degree of independence regardless of age or disability.

bathroom designs for elderly and handicapped

Only you can decide which fixtures and furnishings need to be installed in your bathroom. This should be done according to your individual needs and the needs of those who will be sharing your facilities. If you are looking for a few good ideas or suggestions, consider installing cabinets that are wall-mounted rather than those that occupy precious floor space.

You should also find mirrors that tilt downwards to be used those in wheelchairs. Another consideration would be faucets. You will want to make sure someone in a wheelchair can easily reach them.

Storage is another vital issue in bathrooms that are designed for the disabled or in-firmed. You will need to make sure that the clasps securing the cabinets can be opened with little effort. This is very important if you are the person who will be using this bathroom suffers from arthritis.

You may also want to adjust the height of the wall switch in the bathroom or install some motion-sensitive lighting so that lighting doesn’t become problematic.

Other things that are worth considering are the following: fold-down seating for showers, slip-free mats for the bath, railing mounted in the shower and next to the toilet and some emergency pull chain so that help can be called if someone does slip and fall and needs assistance. For any assistance you can checkout top interior designers in mumbai.

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