best type of wood for hardwood floors

Installing hardwood flooring is an excellent option to take when deciding on what type of floor you would like your home or room to have. Installing hardwood flooring is equivalent to having elegantly warm and beautiful stories that will last a lifetime. They will keep you and your household members free from allergy-causing pollen that gets trapped and multiply in carpeted floors.

Installing hardwood flooring will also ensure you of having the type of floor that needs very little maintenance and cleaning. A hardwood floor will not require excessive scrubbing. Just a few light sweeps from a regular soft broom will do the trick. With all these benefits, installing hardwood flooring is a good deal.

However, it is essential to note that installing hardwood flooring may be more expensive at the beginning than other alternatives. It is like an investment that gives you back its returns in the course of your lifetime. Because different materials are not as durable as hardwood floors, you will need to keep repairing and replacing levels of other elements.
Also, maintenance can be a bother and not to mention costly if you think about accumulated costs. This is why installing hardwood flooring comes out cheaper than other types of flooring installations if you take into consideration its lifetime value.

best type of wood for hardwood floors

When installing hardwood flooring, you will need to start with an even surface on which you will fit and secure your wood pieces. Before that, though, make sure that the wood you use has been adequately kiln-dried so that you can be sure that the moisture has been taken from it, ensuring the wood pieces don’t shift or expand from humidity. Be environmentally responsible as well, and don’t just buy any hardwood. Do make sure you buy only from certified forests.

Next, in installing hardwood flooring, you will have to decide on the style and look you want to achieve. You can opt to use strips for a parquet floor, or you can choose to use planks. Either way, you will have to secure the wood to the base floor either wood glue as with parquet and with screws for planks. Any holed that appropriately sized wooden pegs can cover results from screw holes. Installing hardwood flooring doesn’t end when you have the wood pieces in place.

After this step, you will need to sand the surface of the wooden floor with a sanding machine. You may want to leave this process up to a professional, or you can decide to do it if you feel comfortable using such equipment. Remember that once you make a mistake and wear a groove on your floor, it can be difficult and costly to undo.

After the floor is sanded, you will need to clean off the floor with a vacuum cleaner and make sure that the story is spotless after this process because the next step in installing hardwood flooring will need a clean surface for success. At this point, you can choose to use a wood tint if you feel that the color of the hardwood floor can be improved either you can contact best interior designers in mumbai. After the tint has completely dried, you will need to finish the floor with a polyurethane varnish that will keep and protect your floor from wear and tear.

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