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Puppies, like babies, need food specifically designed to meet their nutritional needs. Just as adults do not eat the same food as babies, puppies cannot be fed on adult dog food. Puppies grow at a phenomenal rate and their diet needs to be focused on giving them the nutrients they need to boost their physical development into adult animals. Puppies also have smaller stomachs, so puppy food needs to be given at more frequent intervals but in smaller portions to prevent stretching their stomachs.

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Chicken, rice and corn-based foods suit most puppies and give them the specific dietary requirements they need. Protein is a basic necessity for fast-growing puppies. This aids their physical and muscle development to promote an athletic and healthy adult body. They also need calcium and phosphorus to promote ultimate bone strength, and carbohydrates and fats are also essential for growth. Puppies need to eat between two and four times as much as adult dogs to keep up with their development, and their food needs to give them the energy they need to grow.

Types of Puppy Food

There are a host of different foods on the market specifically designed for growing puppies to ensure they get a healthy balanced diet. Royal Canin puppy food also features different types for different breeds of dog, such as daschunds, boxers, Chihuahuas or bulldogs. The Purina dog food brand has also developed a range of special puppy formulas, designed for different breeds and sizes of dog, to give each breed the desired balance of ingredients.

Puppy food available on the general market includes all the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals your dog requires for a balanced diet. This means you should not need to give your puppy any additional vitamins.

Puppy foods are generally created specifically to make sure they contain the essential balance of those vital ingredients to aid your dog’s growth. Buying commercial puppy food means you can be sure your dog is receiving the nutrients it needs in the correct amounts.

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